Welcome to the ACCYG Page!

ACCYG is the Auburn Christian Church Youth Group.  We want every 6th-12th grade student who can join us to come out and have a blast learning about Jesus!  ACCYG meets from 7:00-8:30 PM every Wednesday night, starting September 2.
Our theme for 2014-15 year is “Represent”.  We want to challenge our students to one of three steps each week.
1. Receive Jesus
2. Know Jesus
3.Represent Jesus
This year, we will especially focus on what it means to represent Jesus.  How do you truly love others? How can you serve and bring honor to Jesus? How can you share your faith?  It’s going to be an awesome year.
We are doing preregistration this year at ACCYG.  If you want to cut down on having to fill out papers when you show up at ACCYG, get online and preregister.  Click here to fill out the online registration now!
To read a little bit more about our philosophy of ministry and what we are trying to accomplish with our youth ministry, click here.
Keep in touch with ACCYG!  Check out these ways to get communication from our youth group …
FB LogoFacebook

ACCYG has a Facebook group that all students are encouraged to be a part of. Click here to go to Facebook and join up.

Also, if you are a parent connected to our church or youth group, we also have a group for you called “ACCYG Parents”. It is a closed group, so click here and request to be added.  And as always, make sure you like “Auburn Christian Church” on Facebook! Click here to check out the main page!



Nate is planning to do more text message blasts to both parents and students this year, to keep you current with the latest youth group happenings.  If you don’t know if you are part of this yet, text you or your students number(s) to Nate at 402.618.9793.



Make sure you follow us on Instagram for lots of daily encouragement for your walk with Jesus.  Follow the youth group at: @ACCYG_NE. Click here to follow!



Finally, make sure you follow the Youth Group on Twitter.  It’s found at @ACCYG_NE.  Click here to visit that page and follow! You can also follow the church at @AuburnCC_NE. Click here to follow the ACC Twitter.