IMG_0017Welcome to the C4J Page!

Starting on September 9, all PreK thru 5th Grade students will be hanging out for C4J.  From 6-7 PM each Wednesday, come and join our crew as we explore the Bible and have fun doing it!
This year, we are preregistering our students, so that you don’t have to take so much time on the first night they attend to get them signed up.  Click here to get your kids registered today.
View a sample of some of the music we use by watching the following video!
If you’d like to see more about the lessons and what your child will be learning, click here to view the Live Curriculm Year 3 Scope and Sequence.
One last recommendation for you as a parent is to join our ACCYG Parents Facebook group.  On that page, Nate will be posting lots of updates, many aimed at parents of teenagers, but also links and hints to encourage parents in their effort to raise their kids right. To join that page, click this link and request to join.