100 Facts About God

by Nate Powell
I have a stack of books and commentaries that I’ve been using in our recent studies in Exodus. Some tend to be devotional in nature, some to be pastoral, and some to be quite academic. There are two that I have found to be very helpful and preparing and writing these sermons. One is Philip Ryken’s Exodus Commentary from the Preaching the Word series. It is very thorough, but also very readable. The other is an out of print Bible Study commentary by Wilber Fields, which has tons of helpful charts & maps, and asks really good questions. Thankfully, you can read the full commentary online.
In Fields commentary, he notes that Exodus is written so that God would reveal himself and what he has done, so that His people might know Him. With that in mind, Fields made a list of 100 things we know about God from Exodus, and I wanted to share that list with you. I’ve found the list to be devotionally very helpful, and these items each represent an angle from which God has shown himself to us. Like a many-faceted jewel that sparkles as you turn it, we are going to see the glory of our great God as we examine Exodus in 2020 together.
Here is the list compiled by Fields. I hope you will read it and reflect as you study on God’s holiness and goodness in revealing Himself to us.
  1. God is a personal God, not an abstract force.
  2. God knows our names. He knows us personally. (1:1-4)
  3. God allows His children to suffer. (1:11,13)
  4. God rewards those who protect his people. (1:21)
  5. God is the unseen controller of all history. (1:20,21)
  6. God directs the activities of people so that they may be present to do His will when necessity requires. (2:5)
  7. God permits His servants to suffer rejection. (2:14; 5:2,9,21,22)
  8. God seems in no hurry, if judged by men’s views of time. (2:23; Acts 7:30)
  9. God hears His people’s cries. (2:23,24)
  10. God remembers His covenants of old. (2:24)
  11. God sees and God knows. (2:25)
  12. God is a miracle-worker. (3:2)
  13. God speaks to men. (3:4; 25:22)
  14. God is holy. His presence is holy and must be reverenced. (3:5; 20:12-15)
  15. God is still the God of His people even after they are long dead. (3:6; Matt 22:31,32)
  16. God is a deliverer. (3:8)
  17. God sends men to accomplish His will. (3:10)
  18. God is with us. (3:12)
  19. God is the eternal I AM. (3:14)
  20. God knows the outcome of events before they occur. (3:19-21, 8:2,21)
  21. God will not permit His will to be thwarted. (3:20)
  22. God makes spoil of those who resist him. (3:21)
  23. God desires faith in His people. (4:5)
  24. God becomes angry when His servants are unwilling to obey. (4:14)
  25. God lets others share the glory of serving Him if those first chosen are hesitant. (4:14,15)
  26. God smites His servants to teach them full obedience. (4:24)
  27. God wants his NAME to be known, and to be associated with his acts of deliverance. (6:7)
  28. God redeems (rescues) his people. (6:6; 15:13)
  29. God desires to take His people unto Him and be their God. (6:7)
  30. God pushes and pushes to force an issue. (6:11)
  31. God hardens the hearts of those who oppose Him. (7:3; 9:12; 10:20; 14:4)
  32. God works great judgments upon opposers. (7:4)
  33. God has power to overcome men’s magic. (7:11,12; 8:18)
  34. God makes His works obvious and undeniable (7:20; 8:19; 17:5,6)
  35. God hears His servant’s prayers. (8:12,31; 9:33)
  36. God makes distinction between His people and others. (9:4,7,26)
  37. God permits some wicked men to live because He can show His power through them. (9:15,16)
  38. God gives repeated deliverances, even to those who have opposed Him. (10:18,19)
  39. God gives favor to His people in the sight of their enemies. (11:3)
  40. God gives sinners warning of coming doom. (11:4,5)
  41. God saves His people by the blood. (12:6,7,13; 24:8)
  42. God desires that His acts of deliverance be remembered by appropriate ceremonies. (12:14,24; 20:11)
  43. God’s judgments on even men are utter and total. (12:29)
  44. God fulfills His promises. (12:33-36; 13:19)
  45. God takes note of numbers and years. (12:37,41)
  46. God claims His redeemed ones as His. (13:2,12; 34:19,20)
  47. God wants His deeds to be remembered. (13:14; 12:26,27; 16:34)
  48. God directs His people. (13:17; 15:13)
  49. God gives light and guidance. (13:21,22)
  50. God does GREAT works. (14:31; 15:11)
  51. God is our strength, song and salvation. (15:2)
  52. God is a man of war. (15:3; 17:16)
  53. God is “glorious in holiness, fearful in praises.” (15:11)
  54. God proves (tests) His people. (13:17; 15:13)
  55. God is our healer. (15:26)
  56. God hears our murmurings. (16:12)
  57. God is our banner under whom we fight victoriously. (17:15)
  58. God blots out even the remembrance of evil men. (17:14,16)
  59. God like efficient government. (18:23)
  60. God deals with men through covenants. (19:5; 24:8; 34:10)
  61. God accepts His people upon the condition of obedience. (19:5,6)
  62. God shows His presence in clouds, lightning, etc. (19:16,18)
  63. God works in history. (20:2)
  64. God is a jealous God. (20:5; 34:14)
  65. God heaps up punishments for many generations of sinners upon later generations that walk in the sins. (20:5)
  66. God is a God of lovingkindness. (20:6)
  67. God is creator of all. (20:11)
  68. God retains final authority over life and death. (20:13, 21:12-17)
  69. God is concerned about our hearts and their desires. He knows our hearts. (20:17)
  70. God respects property rights. (21:33-36; 20:15)
  71. God requires truth. (20:16; 22:11)
  72. God cares about men’s freedom. (21:2)
  73. God protects the weak and afflicted. (22:22-27)
  74. God is gracious. (22:27)
  75. God requires worship from His people. (23:14-17)
  76. God’s appearance is glorious. (24:9,10,17)
  77. God asks voluntary offerings from His people. (25:2; 35:5)
  78. God desires to dwell among His people. (25:8)
  79. God requires conformity to His directions. (25:9,40; 26:30)
  80. God gives detailed instructions about many things. (26:1ff)
  81. God is associated with light. (27:20,21)
  82. God selects the men who perform His service. (28:1)
  83. God desires glory and beauty. (28:2)
  84. God is a revealer of secrets. (28:30)
  85. God desires modesty in His servants. (28:42; 20:26)
  86. God must be approached through sacrifices. (29:14,18,25)
  87. God provides the material needs of his servants. (29:28; 16:4)
  88. God meets with His people. (29:42,43)
  89. God does not forget our need of atonement (covering). (30:16)
  90. God’s ministers must minister in cleanliness. (30:19,20)
  91. God fills men with His Spirit for various services. (31:3-5)
  92. God sanctifies us (makes us holy). (31:13)
  93. God has wrath against idolatry. (32:10,35)
  94. God repents of “evil” threats when His servants pray. (32:14)
  95. God places distance between Himself and transgressors. (33:2,5)
  96. God is too glorious for men to see and live. (33:20)
  97. God is merciful, gracious, and slow to anger. (34:6,7)
  98. God will make all people to see His works. (34:10)
  99. God commands destruction of reprobate peoples. (34:11)
  100. God makes His presence obvious and dominant. (40:34,38)