A Good Sunday!

By Nate Powell

Last Sunday was a Great Sunday! It has taken me a couple days just to put it into words what a great day it was. We had two baptisms (one on Friday and one on Sunday), and 10 total memberships placed. While some of these memberships were with people who had long ago accepted Christ, it was still a joyous occasion, as our brothers and sisters took an opportunity to acknowledge: This is our church.

That being said, I know this past Sunday was not the last of the memberships being placed or the decisions made for Christ. These are simply a couple steps that we call everyone to each week. Sometimes it takes seeing others take these steps to inspire these steps in the larger population of church attenders.

So, are you considering baptism? We want you to hear, believe and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. If you’ve been hearing the message and believe you are ready to respond, we want to visit with you sometime soon (and share some study helps/resources with you), to help guide you to be obedient to Jesus in baptism and make it known to the world that you belong to Jesus!

Are you considering membership at ACC? All it takes is a visit with an elder/pastor and agreement with our church’s bylaws and statement of faith. We recently led a class thru this material, and shared some resources, but we are also glad to meet with you personally and walk thru what membership means for you and your family.

I believe there are great days ahead for our church, and I truly want to help you connect and be a part of them in a deeper way by helping you connect with Christ and with the church! Come and grow with us!