A Harvest Campaign Update // Summer 2021

Dear Church Family,

I truly hope that this post finds you and your family well. It’s been some time since we’ve had a “formal” update on the front of the Harvest campaign and our Family Life Center that we’ve been hoping and praying about building for some time. It was just a year ago that I was making the rounds to visit with 70+ families. You’ll remember that our church family committed together to give over $350,000 over the next 3 years to this project! It was this past April that we displayed the Harvest/FLC plans, and made the announcement that we were working to get bids. In January, our leaders announced at the annual meeting that it was our hope to be breaking ground on the FLC in July.

Well, it is August, and ground has obviously not been broken. We want to give an update as to where things sit. We did put out for bids from two different contractors to get solid numbers to move forward with in the Spring. What we heard from both contractors was disappointing, but not totally unexpected. Neither contractor could give us a full bid. There are two reasons that they could not do that. First, the prices of construction, and especially the price of steel, are currently VERY high. Most who know construction expect these prices to correct eventually, but they are currently at too high a cost for us to consider construction reasonable or affordable. Secondly, we were informed that even if we ordered the steel at these high prices, we would still not be able to construct until next Spring. That is how backlogged the steel mills are. So, because of these issues, we have been forced to wait on construction. The contractors we have visited with would like to re-approach the bids around the end of the year, so that is our current timetable.

While this is a bit disappointing, it is also wise for us to be patient and wait, both as a leadership and as a church. If we were to force the project thru now, we would certainly be paying too much for the building and we would not be good stewards with the Lord’s money and resources he has provided. The elders of our church are in full alignment and stand fully confident that the Lord wants us to wait on His timing to move forward.

So, what can you do in the meantime? Certainly, the work of the church continues. We are continuing to move forward with youth groups, new kids programming in our new kids ministry/nursery space, and new ideas for bible studies and small groups. The work of the church continues. Toward the ends of the Harvest campaign, I would encourage two things. First, please pray. Pray for costs to come down. Pray for the contractors/financing to fall into place. Pray for us to have patience as a church for the Lord’s timing to be clear and right. And secondly, it is a great time to continue to give. We have been doing very well at following thru on our pledges. In fact, we are ahead of schedule! And if you’ve not joined us, there’s no time like the present to consider joining us with either a one-time gift or a three-year commitment to equip this church family for the next 50+ years of ministry. Feel free to click here for more info. As well, I’m always glad to visit with you and your family on an individual basis on any questions you may have about the project or any other needs or questions you may have. I’m here to serve.

Let’s continue to move forward as a church: patient and persistent in prayer, continually growing in love, generosity and service!

Pastor Nate // Joshua 1:9