Exodus Apologetics Resources

By Nate Powell
During my April 26 sermon, The Guiding Miracle, I mentioned several resources regarding the Historic Exodus and I wanted to quickly note them and post the appropriate links here.
The book I mentioned was regarding the exodus route and location was “The Exodus Case” by Dr. Lennart Möller. This book is full of photos, charts and helpful side studies on the timetables and logistics of the Exodus. It also contains information that is difficult to come by, because of the inaccessibility or sensitive nature of the evidence found in modern Muslim nations. Click here to visit the website for this book.
On the other source and reading material connected to Joseph and the Pyramid Tomb at Avaris, I’d commend the documentary, Exodus: Patterns of Evidence. It deals with multiple topics related to the dating and historicity of the Exodus. You can watch it for free on RightNow Media, which is a service you can sign up for free by clicking here.
Along with that, You can read a scholarly write-up with more detail on the Tomb’s contents written by Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron by clicking here. You can also read a shorter writeup on the Pyramid Tomb on the Truthwatchers website.
In all things, I hope your faith will be strengthened by reading or watching these resources. God’s Word is sure, and we can trust it!