Harvest, Sunday School, and more updates from Pastor Nate

Good day ACC Family!

Pastor Nate here with an update on all things church related. We are in strange times in the midst of COVID, but we know that God is in control and he is our Rock and Fortress. We will trust him in the midst of all these things, and we will get thru this together!


I hope you can join us at church in person or online on August 30. On that Sunday, we will be kicking off our HARVEST Campaign. You may have noticed this graphic in church or sign on our property. In the coming month, we are going to be talking, thinking and praying about the future of Auburn Christian Church and setting our minds on the Harvest. In Luke 10:2, Jesus reminds all believers that “The Harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” His request is a call to prayer that has guided the church for centuries. We are to be praying for workers to carry the good news of Jesus, and we are to be praying for the harvest of people coming to faith in Christ for generations to come.

So, I have been meeting with many individuals and families to share this vision for our church that has been on the hearts and minds of many in our church for years. I’m finishing up my meetings in the next week. If you’d still like to schedule a meeting with me, please drop an email to Janell at: janell@auburnchristian.org. She has access to my schedule and will get you set up. Please stay tuned for more details in the coming days, both on our website and our Facebook page. I hope you can join us for these important messages, starting August 30. And in all of these coming days, please be praying for the Harvest to come!

A Youth Pastor?

We shared this a couple months ago with the whole church, but you may have missed it. We are currently seeking to hire a part-time youth pastor! We are looking to hire someone that will also fill the role of male campus pastor for Christian Student Fellowship at Peru State College. So it will be one person filling two part-time jobs! It is a great fit for where we are at and what we are able to do in terms of our staffing currently. Would you please join me in praying for the right person for this position, so that we can have this role filled by the end of the year? Let’s pray together as a church toward these ends! If you’d like to read the job description for the combined roles, click here.

Shuffling Some Property

In times past, many of you know that for the last 10+ years, our church has owned a bus. We have used it for youth events and other trips. It has served us well. However, our leaders determined recently that the costs of maintaining the bus outweigh our needs and uses for the bus. So our elders decided to sell it. The good news is that we found a buyer in Christian Student Fellowship, and they purchased our church bus. They hope to use the bus to transport students back and forth for the meetings of their UNL campus ministry this fall. We are thankful that God provided a way that our church could bless another ministry with our bus. In the future, as we take trips (and our youth group will still take trips), we will look to use rentals to our advantage.

In the meantime, we are also looking to sell the garage that the bus was parked in, that sits in our East parking lot. There is currently a silent auction going on for this building. Here are the details that our elders put together, in case you are interested in making a bid: “The Auburn Christian Church will be accepting seal bid for the metal garage in the gravel parking lot east of the church located at 1100 15th street Auburn, Ne. The garage is 14’ 2” W x 36’ 1” L. It has 12’ side wall and is 14’ at peak of the roof. It has one garage door. Door opening is 9’ 11” W x 10’ H. Bids will be accepted until 8/31/2020. Winning bid will be notified 9/1/2020. Winning bid will have until 9/30/2020 to remove garage from church property. If not removed by 9/30/2020 bid will be forfeited, and offer will go to next highest bid. Please submit bids to Auburn Christian Church Atten: Garage Bid. 1100 15th street Auburn, NE 68305 with Bid and contact information.”

And Sunday School starts …???

These last few months have been difficult to navigate. Between meeting online, meeting outdoors and now meeting indoors, the people of our church have been great at rolling with all the punches that COVID has thrown at us. Many have been asking when we are going to start back to Sunday School. We were hoping to do this soon. But …

In light of the current rise in cases in our part of the state, and in light of the changing status of COVID listed by our health department and school, the leaders of our church still feel it is in the best interest of health not to start Sunday School yet. Not having Sunday School helps us to fully social distance, avoiding much foot traffic crossover and shared space, as well as fully sanitize our worship space between services. We still continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments in the coming weeks and months accordingly.

And Finally … A Word on Facemasks

As I’ve stated, these are challenging times to navigate. It has not always been easy to figure out how to meet or when to meet as a church. One of the most difficult things that we wrestled with as a leadership was “When can we meet back indoors?” The reason we spent so long meeting outdoors was because we knew the risks of singing indoors, and we wanted to have adequate equipment to clean and sanitize between services due to the elevated risk. In case you aren’t aware, singing indoors is one of the ways that the virus can spread thru the air, which is why at points churches having been listed as higher risk (here’s one of many articles that speaks to the science behind this … there are many more articles out there that speak to these risks). So we have been cautious in a few ways: we have kept singing times short, we have maintained social distance, we keep doors open for a time at beginning and end of service for better ventilation, and we sanitize well between the services.

I, like you, love being with our church and praising God. Singing is integral to that. We want to keep doing it. However, we do know that cases are on the rise and we are seeking to control the spread as much as we can. Here’s how I want to encourage you: please wear a facemask. We are not making it mandatory, but we are STRONGLY ENCOURAGING you. We want to keep meeting indoors, and to keep doing so regularly. The masks that we wear will help catch those particles that we breathe out when we sing. You will see me now in the coming weeks, when I lead singing, wearing a facemask. Our elders will be wearing a mask when they share. I’m dwelling very strongly on preaching in a facemask, because I want to be an example in this. And we want to encourage people to wear them for the whole service, only removing them when we take communion together. Thanks for considering this, both to help slow the spread and to help keep us meeting in person.

Finally …

A reminder from the word, for all these challenging times: “Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Stand Strong and Look Ahead,
Pastor Nate