I Can Understand My Bible? // Rightnow Media Video Spotlight

We often talk about reading our Bible, and consider it to be the task of not simply pastors, but one for every person who is named as a disciple. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17) It’s something we should all be doing daily.
Yet, the Bible is not an easy book to tackle, especially if you try to tackle it from front to back. Where do we start? How can I get over the hump of feeling like I’m reading but not understanding? We need some help and training, humility before this important book. Bible reading certainly isn’t beyond anyone’s educational curve, but we all need some help.
Thankfully, because our church has a Rightnow Media subscription, you have access to some fantastic training. I’d like to recommend Michael DeFazio’s series, How to Read the Bible. It’s a very accessible series that has 8 episodes, along with a study handout/guide. Michael is a professor at Ozark Christian College, and our students are familiar with his videos and teaching from Christ in Youth conferences. He will take you in at a beginner’s level and help you understand how you can personally read/study the text and be a better student of the Bible.
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