Auburn Christian Church seeks to make disciples both in Auburn, Nebraska and around the world! Here is a list of some of the ministries that we are continuing to support.


Marc & Tina Gebhard // Pioneer Bible Translators

The Gebhard Family has been serving the Lele People of Guinea, West Africa for nearly 20 years. Marc and Tina met at Nebraska Christian College, and have been married since 1993. Their work among the Lele people in Guinea includes Bible translation work, medical mission work, well drilling and much more. The Gebhard’s serve with Pioneer Bible Translators. Marc and Tina have four kids: Timothy, David, Sarah and Grace. See more about the work of PBT at:

Tory & Kara Satter // 3:18 Ministries

The Satter Family has been serving the people of the San Carlos Apache nation in Globe, Arizona for more than 15 years. They seek to meet needs, mentor students, help families and share Jesus. Keep up with the latest news regarding 3:18 Ministries on their Website: 3:18 Ministries.

Zach Shackelford & Jess Thienel // Christian Student Fellowship-Nebraska

In 2013, Christian Student Fellowship decided to expand the outreach of their campus ministry to the campus of Peru State College. As this is a college that is ACC’s backyard, we decided to help make this happen. ACC has been played a big role in helping this campus ministry get off the ground. The Wednesday gathering has grown by leaps and bounds, and many small groups meet for regular discipleship. Read more about the campus outreaches taking place on all of Nebraska’s college campuses: CSF Unleashed.


There are other ministries that our church supports, but which are not listed here, due to the sensitive nature of their work and the fields they work in.