Updated October 2, 2020.

Sunday School Starts Kickoff

Sunday School for all ages will begin again on Sunday, October 11. We have classes for all ages, and we will be meeting at 9:30 AM each Sunday. Everyone who comes on our first Sunday back, October 19, will get a special gift. Our volunteers have a great plan together for social distancing and sanitizing, so we hope you will come and join us.

Youth Groups Starting Up!

Youth groups of ACC are back and meeting on October 7, and will be meeting every Wednesday night. 
ROCK is our middle school youth group for 6-8 grades, and will meet from 5:30 to 7 PM each Wednesday.
FLAME is our high school youth group for 9-12 grades, and will meet from 7 to 9 PM every Wednesday.

Nursery is Back!

We are glad to announce that nursery for 4 and under is back and running each week during both services, starting October 4! As well, we are looking for nursery volunteers for both services, especially for 2nd service. Please contact Heidi Jenek at 816-739-3329/hegoff@hotmail.com or Kristin Woerlen at 712-269-1303/kristinwoerlengetfit@gmail.com for more information.


A Youth Pastor?

We are seeking to hire a part-time youth pastor! This person will also fill the role of male campus pastor for Christian Student Fellowship at Peru State College. It will be one person filling two part-time jobs! Would you join us in praying for the right person for this position, so that we can have this role filled by the end of the year? If you’d like to read the job description for the combined roles, click here.

Worship COVID-Style

Here are a few items of note to help you acclimate to services in the building:
* Facemasks are encouraged, but not required.
* We will be doing our best to prop doors open, so you won’t have to handle so many shared surfaces.
* All seating will be socially distanced, with 6 feet between family units in our seating area. We will be able to seat around 100 per service, so please come join us!
* We are continuing to offer the take-home busy bags for the kids at both services.
* We won’t hand out bulletins. Everything you’ll need will be at your seat waiting for you.
* Please arrive 10 minutes or less prior to service, and please clear the room within 10 minutes of the service’s conclusion. This will help us get sanitized and ready for the next service.
* If you are sick, have symptoms or are vulnerable, please stay home! We will continue to livestream our services on Facebook, YouTube & our Website. These will be shown at their new time during our services at 8:30 AM.
* We have a great team of volunteers working to sanitize before and after the services in all the common areas and the bathrooms. We will do our very best to keep it as clean and healthy as possible.


Online Bulletin = YouVersion Events in the Bible App!

Do you already use the free Bible App from YouVersion on your phone? If so, you already know how awesome it is! We can reduce contact and waste by using the Events feature in the Bible app. Make sure your app is updated to the latest version to access the Events feature of the app. Once you’re in the app you’ll find the Events in the list under “more” (3 horizontal lines). It will function like an online bulletin for our services. You’ll be able to see announcements, service order, song lyrics, Pastor Nate’s sermon outline, sermon scripture, and MORE! You can even take notes right in the app and save them for future reference.
Download the Bible app by YouVersion from your app store or google play on your phone or Kindle. Then go to “More” and scroll down to Events. Once our event goes live it will show up for you to click on!
There will be printed bulletins with lyrics for those who cannot use Events in the Bible App.


  • Join us on facebook.com/AuburnChristianChurch/ on Sundays at 9 AM. If you miss it live, each video will be posted to the Auburn Christian Church Facebook page shortly after it is done.
  • Watch live and previously recorded services anytime on the Auburn Christian Church YouTube channel .
  • Watch live services video right here on the Auburn Christian Church website by clicking on the Live tab at the top of the page.
  • The audio of each sermon will be posted on the sermon page of the church’s website at auburnchristian.org/sermons.

RightNow Ministries

Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for a free gift from our church! Create your own account at: www.rightnow.org/account/invite/AuburnChristianChurch // RightNow Media is a customizable online video library that includes bible studies and children’s content. You can view your chosen media from your TV, desktop, laptop, Roku, iPhone or iPad! “RightNow Media is like the Netflix of Christian Bible Study.” Matt Chandler/lead pastor of The Village Church.

Daughters Of The King

Daughters of the King is a small group for High School age girls lead by Harriett Clark at her home. Held on Monday evenings at 7 pm, please call Harriett at 402-274-5558 for more information.

Ladies Bible Study

Study God’s Word with a great small group on Thursday mornings at 9:30 am in the church fellowship hall.

Save Your Sun Mart Receipts

Help our church earn $1,000 through the Direct Your Dollars program! We’re collecting receipts from Sun Mart to help fund our youth programming. Just drop your receipts off on Sunday mornings. For every $150,000 in receipts we collect, we will earn $1,000 donation from SpartanNash. With your support – and your receipts – we’ll be raising money to help our youth learn about Jesus!