By Nate Powell

We’ve spent a couple weeks sorting thru the how and the what of prayer in light of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount teaching in Matthew 5-7. We spoke this past week about how we address God. But I do realize these sermons have been a bit thick … there’s been a lot to digest. It might be easier to ask: “How do I easily remember what to pray for?” Some of us really struggle to focus in prayer. Some of us struggle to vary our prayers much outside of mentioning the medical needs people have. It’s good to vary it up and learn to cover the bases. That is why I have taught a couple different acrostics to my students during my years of youth ministry to help them pray. Here is an easy one.





We start by praising God for who he is and what he has done. We repent by confessing our sin to God and asking for his forgiveness and aid in helping us turn from it. We ask by presenting any requests we have before God, either for ourselves or for others. We yield by giving ourselves and our day over to his will, that what he wants would be done in and through us. P.R.A.Y.

Pretty simple, huh? Write this down and use this as a pattern when you pray. It can help you take baby steps toward practicing a fuller, deeper prayer life.

**This Acrostic is not original to me. You can read a more full article about it here.