David’s Warts

by Nate Powell

So I’ve been doing a series at ACCYG on Wednesday nights on David.  You can access and listen to all of the past talks on the sermon audio page here on our website.  So far in our series, we have explored David as a young man and his love for God’s Word.  We’ve seen him as God’s anointed, defeating a Giant.  We’ve seen his great friendship with Johnathan and we have seen him run for his life from Saul.

But tonight, we are going to talk for a few weeks about some difficulties with David.  David was a man after God’s own heart, but his life during his time as king (and some of the things in his life earlier) raise some serious questions.  And I think these questions are the reasons that you don’t hear many preachers talk about the whole life of David.

If David was a man after God’s own heart, then why did he:

  • live such a violent lifestyle, going to war and killing so many people?  Doesn’t God command us not to kill?
  • take multiple wives?  Isn’t marriage intended to be between one man and one woman, rather than multiple women?
  • have such crumby kids?  If the New Testament holds up leaders of the church who raise and manage their children well, why are David’s kids so out of control?
  • commit such atrocious sins as the adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah to cover for his sin?  How could God let such a man, let alone a king, get away with such a thing?

I think that our lack of willingness to answer such questions has sometimes led skeptics and doubters to a distrust of God and His word.  But we are going to be meeting these questions head on.

And I believe we will see, at the end of the day, that scripture is justified to hold a high view of David and an even higher view of his God, whom David had such a heart of worship, service and gratitude for.

Chicken Fights

By Nate Powell
As many of you know, I love Chick-Fil-A.  It is a great restaurant.  It is owned by Christian people.  They have delicious food.  They have great service.  I have a great experience every time I go there.
Lately, though, I’ve been a bit conflicted.  My wife and I started eating at another chicken restaurant …. Raising Cane’s.  This restaurant also makes delicious chicken fingers and makes a mean glass of sweet tea.  All the way around, these 2 restaurants have my chicken needs covered for the summer.
So my wife and I were on a date yesterday and decided to eat at Raising Cane’s before going to a movie.  We walked in the door, and the first words I hear out of the cashier’s mouth are “Oh no you don’t!”  I look around to see if she is talking about someone else, but she is indeed looking at me.  I start to think that maybe she is not a Cardinals fan, as I am wearing my Cardinals hat.  But she says to me again, “What are you doing in here with that stuff on?”  I look down, only to realize …. I’m wearing my Chick-Fil-A shirt.
I looked up to her and weakly offered, “Oops!  Guess I didn’t plan ahead.”  She just shook her head and glared at me.  My wife and I placed our order and went to pay.  Then I remembered what I really needed to tell the cashier to help her feel better:  “Well, it’s Sunday you know, and Chick-Fil-A was closed, so I had to come here to get my chicken.”  She just glared at me again and shook her head as she gave me my receipt.  We had an enjoyable meal, but it was an awkward exchange, nonetheless.
My experience the other day reminded me of the church and how we treat others sometimes.  Sometimes we judge people by their appearance or their life baggage, and we tend to send them the signals that they don’t belong here.  People are just hungry for Jesus.  Are we willing to gladly pass the bread of life to them, or will we do it grudgingly?  Are we glad to meet the new people in church, or do we avoid them so we can get out the door?  Will our interactions help people in our community to come to our church or help the new people return to our church?
In the coming weeks, you will be seeing more of a push to have people sign up to be greeters and to be a “welcoming committee” of sorts.  I hope that you will do all that you can roll out the welcome mat and leave a good impression!

100 Truths About Jesus

During yesterday’s message I referred to a link on the C.A.R.M. website regarding 100 Truths About Jesus.  I thought I would post a link to that site here. Let’s live this week under the claim of Christ! Click HERE to access the link.