The COVID Plan at ACC // Stage 3

Well, friends, it’s another day and another week, and we have more news on COVID-19 that has threatened our regular ways and patterns of life (at least for the next few weeks). Just as it has affected us at many levels, or work, school and social activities, so it is affecting our church family and meetings as well. We will be publicizing this in several ways in the coming days, but you can also help spread the word of how we are addressing the current quarantine by sharing this post:

  • Church Services: For the next two weeks, we will hold no Sunday services in person at ACC. That will mean there will also be no Sunday School on these Sundays. We will make further decisions on when we will be able to worship together again at the end of the month. As an alternative, we encourage families to worship and pray together in their homes, and we will be offering a Sunday Morning Service streamed online thru our church’s Facebook page. Pastor Nate is also planning to do a daily encouragement and prayer time he is calling “Daily Joy”. It will be around 10 minutes each day, and will also be on the Facebook page.
  • Small Groups: We are encouraging all Small Groups and Bible studies not to meet for (at least) the next two weeks. This includes our youth groups on Wednesdays. We are encouraging our small group leaders to use Zoom meetings online to meet up with their groups. We’ve already shared that resource with several of our small group leaders, but if you’d like to use it, please drop an email or call the office and let us know. We will be glad to help you set this up so that your small groups can continue to meet.
  • Pastoral Stuff: Along with the elders here, we want the church to know that we are available to meet, call or pray with individuals as needed. It is a difficult time, as we are not allowed on the hospitals or in the nursing homes. In response, we are upping our game with regard to making phone calls and contacting people, especially our elderly and sick. If you want someone to bring you communion or pray with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling the church number or via email:
  • Giving: As you know, many of us give to aid the work and ministry of the church here at ACC. Just as we will not stop working on these ministry opportunities before us, so we will continue to need gifts and tithes. This is a good opportunity to promote the fact that you can give online with tithes and offerings. Here is the link to see how to do that: It is very easy to do, and you can schedule your giving there. On the topic of giving right now, we do want to be sensitive and give this encouragement: If you are missing significant work hours and pay due to the coronavirus outbreak, please do not feel a compulsion or pressure to give. We want you to feed and care for your family, first and foremost. Those who continue to work and pull income will give and meet the needs of the church here, and we know God will help us all endure in this storm.
  • Benevolence: As we look at the needs around us, it is good to act as we can to help others. If you are aware of someone who has a need, please contact so that we can see if we can help in their situation.
  • The Church Office: Pastor Nate will be in the office most days during this outage. Janell will be serving from home as the secretary. There will not be “set” office hours, as the details of everything on quarantine seem to be changing daily. If you are wondering if we will be in the office, please just call ahead and Pastor Nate will be glad to meet with you individually. And again, as you are sick or vulnerable to Coronavirus, please stay home.

In all things this week, let’s remember Psalm 46:1-2: “God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble. Therefore we will not be afraid …” Let’s run to the refuge this week, and demonstrate in all of our interactions, whether in person or online, that the Lord is God. We trust in HIM.