What’s a FLC?

by Pastor Nate Powell
In last week’s email, I took you on a tour of the new Family Life Center (FLC) of the Auburn Christian Church. If you didn’t get to see that video tour, click here: https://youtu.be/fOWiVDCBpTE. In that tour, I gave you an inside view of what most people have only been seeing on the outside. I’m sure that you, like me, have had people asking you questions about the building as it’s been going up, because most people don’t see the plans and simply have an outside view. They’ve had many ponderings as to what we are up to. “Boy, that’s a big building.” “What are you all going to be fitting in there?” “Is your old building going away?” “I’m not sure how I feel about what those Christian Church people are up to.”

To be sure, in a small rural town, most new things (whether that’s outside businesses, ideas, or people) can be met with a good deal of skepticism. Also to be sure, there are some who would be skeptical about a church moving forward with something like this in our day and age. After all, aren’t churches supposed to be dying and simply trying to preserve themselves and save what has been, rather than dreaming together about what the church will be in her community long into the future? What we are working on flies in the face of the modern narrative, and that is a good thing because it reminds us that with God all things are possible … including a church advancing the cause of Christ far into the future.

All that said, the church talks and community talks. What do we mean when we say we are for Jesus & for Auburn? What do we mean when we say we are building this building both for the good of our church family and the good of our community? We should be clear on that, knowing what the FLC is and what it isn’t, and putting a few rumors to rest in the process.

What the FLC is //

It is a Tool to Glorify God: The purpose of mankind, the only one in which is we will find true and eternal fulfillment, is that we would glorify God and enjoy him forever. That is our focus with the FLC. When we dedicate this building, we dedicate it to the Lord and toward his purposes first and foremost. All things that we do and purposes we use it toward will be to display (first) our love for Jesus and (second) our love for the people of Auburn. Plain and simple. We are here to point people to Him. And it will stand as a testimony of the forward-thinking church toward the glorifying of God and the good of the city where the church exists.

What the FLC Isn’t //

It is not a Rec Complex: While we are putting a gym in this facility, its primary function is not as a gym. In some ways, we are certainly building one of the nicest gyms in town. It has a 30-foot ceiling up the sidewall, with tons of clearance overhead for both volleyball and basketball. It will have a full-size High School regulation basketball court, and it will have the ability to have two practice courts for basketball running north to south in the room. It will offer plenty of space for all kinds of games and activities. But we are not building it either to replace or put out of business the other rec facilities in town. We will be working, thru our ministry teams to come up with equitable policies that will expand on the already existing facilities in town and make our town overall a greater attraction for youth and church activity in sports that benefit all of us.

It is not One-Stop Event Venue: While we are putting a new large kitchen and dining space/foyer in this space, we are not looking at this as the one-size fits all event or wedding venue. This will not be that venue. For instance, many large parties which serve alcohol will not be allowed on our property. There are other venues locally for those purposes. As well, our building team is drawing up policies currently that will ensure that the events hosted in this facility are activities that align with the beliefs and values of our church. We will not be the right space for every activity, and that is OK because that is not the sole purpose of this building. Again, we are not seeking to replace or do harm to other local businesses or spaces, but to exist as another option for the good of the community.

It is not our Permanent New Worship Center: Some people have asked if we are replacing our old building in this process of building a new facility. That is not the intention of the Family Life Center. The new building is to be the home of our youth ministry, the center of our fellowship activities, and the spot where we (on occasion) bring everyone in the church together for one large service. It is not equipped with offices, kids ministry space, and other needed spaces if it were to be our permanent church home. Our buildings will continue to both exist and be used. We will worship on Sundays and have all sorts of kids activity in our current “legacy” facility at 15th and Courthouse, and we will augment it with all kinds of activity during the week at the Family Life Center. The FLC is going to be a great “partner” building to our current facility; a hub for all kinds of activity and part of further plans for ACC long into the future.

This coming Sunday we will start engaging our ministry teams to define the policies and uses we intend to put in place to help guide our community toward salvation in Jesus Christ.  This is a journey that will require engagement and unity from our entire church body to put this purpose the FLC in motion and maintain it. (See announcement below regarding our teams meeting Sunday Night.)

I’m looking forward to the adventures of the next four months, as we see drywall hung, lighting installed, gym floor laid, and sound system connected. As we build this building, let’s continue living lives that are testimonies to the Love of the Lord and the Love of our fellow man in Auburn, Nebraska.

Excited and anticipating with you,

Pastor Nate