What’s Cooking…

By Corey Miller
Hot enough for you yet? Hope your summer has been a great one. This summer the elders and staff have been cooking up some Fall and Winter plans.
1. The ACC Family Life Center – We grilled some burgers for the firefighters who burned the property across the road. In the next week or so, the remaining buildings will be removed making room for our new Family Life Center. The building team has been working on plans and has begun taking bids on the project.

2. The New Scholarship Team – The elders have appointed a Scholarship Team to manage our church scholarship program. The team has developed two different types of scholarships open to all ACC members. Watch for more information soon or check out the scholarship link on our church website.

3. The ACC Internship – Connor and Natasha Barr attended worship with us last Spring. When I (Corey) met Connor and saw his heart for rural ministry I offered ACC’s help in his preparation. A few month’s later one of his professor’s at NCC suggested he approach us about an internship. The elders agree wholeheartedly that raising up leaders for rural churches is at the heart of our mission and unanimously agreed to bring Connor to serve with us for the last four months of 2017. We will be providing $100 a week for this part time position. We would also like to find a place for this young couple to live from August 20th until January 1st. If you have an empty apartment or house available, please let the office know.

4. What On Earth are We Here For – This Fall we will be going through the Purpose Driven Life material again. Over 10 years ago we went through this series from Rick Warren and it was well received. The material has been revised and expanded and we will be going through it again. We would like to see every person in our church engage in a small group during this time, whether Sunday School or a mid-week study. This Fall should be a season of accelerated spiritual growth for our entire church. Make plans to be involved this October and November.

5. Skinny Santa – Christmas in July? Who thinks about Christmas in July? Retailers and preachers. We have a very fun Christmas series planned for this Christmas season and you will want to bring your friends. We will trim the fat on an obscenely obese holiday and help families remember the great value of some very old traditions.

6. Love Auburn – What happened to our Love Auburn Campaign? We are still working away. We will pick up the pace this August in an attempt to finish our push by year’s end.

So that’s what has been cooking around here. What’s cooking in your life? We would love to hear from you! Better yet, we would love to see you. Summer really slims down our church body and we truly do miss every part when parts are missing.

I hope to see you soon!